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James bond spoof section Live and let ski

Gstaad 2017

A fun little section from the full film Live and Let ski, about the life of a Saudi skier. Cue the cheezy music ;))

Capture your Momnet

4k Filming packages

Want to be the star of your own ski movie? 4k video movie packages available for all levels of skiers and boarders. We cover on-piste filming, off piste filming , ski touring, heli-skiing. Available for daily filming in the Alps and Worldwide with advanced notice. Groups and individuals, guides welcomed. Further details

Live and Let Ski

Trailer, G'staad Switzerland 2017

Salman, a Saudi Arabian born skier skier has a difficult choice to make. Having been raised in the mountains, skiing since three years old, his 18th birthday represents a milestone and a significant life-change. You can take the man out of the mountains, but you can't take the mountains out of the man.

Saint Foy Website header

A slow paced ski sequence to advertise the off piste skiing in the ski resort of Saint Foy.

Followcam training

Gopro hero5

A quick trial of the hero 5 on karma gimble set up in Sainte Foy Tarentaise. 

Fankie would Kick it

Freeride competion Gstaad, Switzerland 2017

Commemorative event of the life of a local free-rider who tragically died in an avalanche in 2009. 

Axel Sleebus website introduction

Aug 2016

Introducing the Belgium Kayaker Axel Sleebus. Filmed in the I'sere valley.

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Warwick Pickering logo

Kamchatka trailer


Trailer capturing the events of an expedition to achieve the first successful ski and snowboard descent of one of the worlds most active volcanoes Klyuchevskoy Sopka in Kamchatka (4750m). Filmed in 2013. Warwick Pickering. Julia Entwistle, Martin Hartley, Richard Hartley, Kiersten Rowland.

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La Rosière 2016

junior freeride world tour event

Highlights of the junior freeride world tour event in La Rosière France. Special tribute to freeride skier Aaran McLean who tragically died in the days before the competition.

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Sainte Foy Tarentaise

Resort trailer 2014

Outlining the winter activities available in the picturesque resort of Sainte Foy Tarentaise

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Its a dogs life (part deux)

Ever heard of snowboard-joring? Take two Siberian Huskies, One long line, One very brave snowboarder, and enjoy!!

Van Life

Ever wondered whats its like to live in a van with two Huskies for a winter season . We follow a day in a life of professional snowboard-mountaineer Julia Entwistle.

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